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Apr 21, 2022

Far From Par—Urban Irreverence on the Dutch Greens

So, what do you do when you love the ball game, but the traditional entourage not so much? Indeed, you create a like-minded tribe, or in true golf parlance, community. And that’s exactly what avid golf aficionado Robert Tuuk has done. Founded in September 2021 with the aim to break the mold we’re talking the old-boy network, a closed mindset, and very often, an elaborate set of worn traditions that come with it Far From Par is a bunch of dudes who do golf differently. Don’t be mistaken, they’re quite fanatic about the game, but engage in it with a laid-back attitude. On top of that, Tuuk’s quirky initiative is way more inclusive, there’s plenty of room for jolly banter, and last but not least, a sense of style gains you as much respect as mastering a perfect swing. Well, almost. Needless to say, all three of us joined right from the start. In fact, Bisque as a brand is very much rooted in the irreverent golf attitude of this community. At 65, Far From Par’s total number of members is stillmodest, but that could quickly change when the word is really out. Most members come from Amsterdam and across the Randstad metropolitan area, and newbies are generally introduced by an existing Far From Par member. Obviously, the boys regularly meet up to play the greens in and around Amsterdam and beyond, but once every two months, an actual tournament is staged where skills and strategy are put to the test. Speaking of which, the next Far From Par tournament is held on Friday, April 22 on the beautiful greens of golf course De Hoge Dijk in Amsterdam. As always, a cool set of prizes will be made available to the winner and others who’ve excelled at the game one way or another, but it’s obviously keeping this next-generation golf community’s vibe buzzing what matters most.



Ido, Cheng and Marc

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