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Aug 11, 2022

Under a Sunspel Spell

Being in retail for quite some time, we know what makes a good brand, and needless to say, Sunspel effortlessly ticks all of our boxes. Founded in 1860 by Thomas Hill, a Nottingham-based hosiery maker and fabric innovator, it all started with the opening of a textile factory which instigated an entire industry and made the city the very centre of the British lace making industry. From there, Sunspel has gone from strength to strength, withstanding a string of historic hiccups along the way, to become the timeless menswear brand as we know it today. Although being stocked by a handful of leading stores worldwide and reputable online retailers, Sunspel operates only a limited number of stores—a total of seven across London, in addition to standalone boutiques in New York City and Tokyo. Indeed, the company’s growth has been slow and steady, but it has also been achieved in an organic way which we, in our capacity as small-scale entrepreneurs, find tremendously appealing. On top of that, we love the fact that the brand has stayed true to its core values, and at the same time, continues to tune in to contemporary sensibilities and make great men’s garments. We’ve selected Sunspel for our Bisque venture because of its impeccable quality, obviously, but more specifically, we highly appreciate the versatility of the garments. Each of the items we stock looks great and is very suitable for the greens, but just as easily, it can be worn to chill at home or when venturing into the city for a beer with your mates. Sunspel’s silhouettes are distinctively classic and, as said, timeless. Moreover, they’re the ultimate basics and add a certain longevity to anyone’s wardrobe. We’ll make sure to give you a chummy nod next time we catch you on the greens in Sunspel gear!



Ido, Cheng and Marc

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