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22 sep. 2022

A Big Thank You

Yes indeed, we’d like to extend a big and heartfelt THANK YOU to those who came to Bisque Golf’s buzzing opening party on Thursday, September 8. We invited around 450 of our friends, business relations, and of course, family members, and most of you dropped by!

We’ve been very busy for quite a few months to take our beloved Bisque baby to the next level and open our store and social space in the heart of Amsterdam. Frankly, its been quite a ride, challenging us in a few more ways than we had anticipated. But luckily, we teamed up with trusted and very able partners. Architecture practice Barde vanVollt and contractor Just Arby enabled us to take all the hurdles and pull through in time for the store’s scheduled opening date.

And oh, the opening party. Wasn’t it a jolly, jolly good one? We loved seeing each and every one of you, raising a glass or two over a friendly chat and some banter. Surely, you must have noticed our faces lit up with pride while showing you around the premises and point out the many details we created to make the retail setting truly stand out. And yes, we may also have bragged just a little too much about the many trophies that we’ve carefully curated.

As you know, we’ll be finalising a few more details in the next couple of weeks, notably the Zen-inspired back yard, arguably our most obvious nod to Japanese culture, and the mezzanine floor’s outdoor balcony from where the aforementioned enclosure can be best admired. So, do drop by next time you’re in the neighbourhood to see the end result, and also, keep an eye out on the in-store events we’ve planned!



Ido, Cheng and Marc

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