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1 apr. 2022

Geboorte Baby Bisque

Okay, we’re golf aficionados, and we have been for a long time. But we’re also buddies and entrepreneurs, and all three of us feel very much connected to this glorious city where we grew up and still live todayAmsterdam. These past two decades, we’ve seen the city expand, flourish and innovate on many levels, and perhaps most notably in retail and hospitality. Our respective careers, spanning the realms of retail and finance, have also been a passion, while at the same time we share common ground on plenty of topics, including golf. In a very organic way, we’ve decided to synergise the passion, common ground and interest in golf, and it all resulted in the foundation of Bisque. To us, golf isn’t merely a sport, but also an all-encompassing lifestyle that exudes the greens. If you ask us, it’s an attitude, and one that comes with a distinct style that we believe will also effortlessly thrive in an urban context. So, we’ve created a golf apparel collection full of items that we actually love to wear ourselves. Each piece is designed with the professional golf player in mind, but it’ll look equally good when chilling at home or partying downtown. Additionally, it’s our unique friendship and extended group of friends that inspired us to create a vibrant Bisque community. Bisque is very much rooted in the city, but as a communal effort, it’s also intended as a venue for the city. Indeed, we believe in the power of giving back. That’s why, in the course of this year, we’ll be launching a Bisque retail space. In fact, it’ll be a store, gallery space and club house rolled into one. Situated on Rozengracht, smack in the scenic centre of Amsterdam, it’ll be a design-led yet homey meeting place for the growing Bisque community. Here, they can leisurely socialise and connect at any time of the day, attend a rotation of cool events, or shop a tightly curated range of golf merchandise. We look forward to meeting you there!



Ido, Cheng and Marc


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