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May 14, 2024

Tomorrow’s Golf League: Is this changing golf forever?

The TGL is a groundbreaking new golf league co-founded by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, set to launch its inaugural season in January 2025. This league introduces a novel, tech-infused approach to golf, combining traditional gameplay with advanced technology to enhance both player performance and fan engagement.

The newly build SoFi Center is designed to support the league's high-tech format, featuring a 3,000-square-foot screen for virtual play and a real grass GreenZone for short-game play. The arena will include a turntable to rotate the green and bunkers to vary the approach angles for each hole, alongside nearly 600 actuators that can alter the topography of the green.

The league format is quite distinctive, featuring six teams, each composed of top PGA TOUR stars. Matches will follow a unique set of rules to ensure a fast-paced and engaging experience. Among these rules are a 40-second shot clock to keep the game moving quickly and timeouts that teams can use strategically during the match. A referee will be present both on the field and in a booth to ensure the rules are adhered to.

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