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May 14, 2024

Home is Where the Heart is

When we set out to establish Bisque, creating a thriving community wasn’t only a collateral objective, but also a logical necessity. As avid golf players, we’ve always enjoyed each other’s company on the golf course, and not only for the game. Sure, we’re competitive buddies who always aim to step up our game, but we crack a joke and gossip just as easily on the greens. To us, the joy of playing golf gets a major boost if you’re hanging out with a likeminded bunch, and it’s this vibe we aim to capture with our upcoming Bisque store. Scheduled to open early August in Amsterdam’s Canal District, we’ve gone the extra yard to create not only an exceptional retail space for Bisque, but also one that doubles as a home for a vibrant community of golf aficionados.


Strongly recommended by Marc, we decided to team up with Barde van Voltt, an architecture and design practice based in Amsterdam, to translate our vision into a three-dimensional space. As you might have guessed, all three of us have been around the block a few times when it comes to retail. We’re aiming for a design that evokes an elevated shopping experience, meaning it has to be homey and welcoming, but also alluring and aspirational. Needless to say, Japan has always been a huge inspiration source to us, and on more than one level, but given our background, it’s specifically the country’s inimitable retail scene that has wowed us.


As a result, the design codes of the Bisque store are distinctly contemporary, conveying our brand values and vision, but they also subtly hint the Land of the Rising Sun. Additionally, a clever use of colours and shapes reference our preferred ball game, and there’ll be plenty of space to highlight our collection’s many trophy items. The mezzanine is a versatile space where more merchandise is put on display, but just as easily, this part of the store doubles as a social space and gallery. The chosen palette of materials includes oak wall panels and flooring, messing finishes and elegant kitkat tiles. We can’t wait to welcome you to our store and show you around!


Ido, Cheng and Marc

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