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Mar 30, 2023

Golf meets cycling

As hybrid urbanites, our flavour palette is pretty adventurous, and goes well beyond the greens. Beside golf, we’ve got another passion, one that unapologetically oozes our Dutchness: cycling. The two of us – that’s Marc and Ido – are avid cyclists and take a spin around the countryside whenever we get the chance and weather permits. Along the way, we’ve become in-the-know about cycling gear. How so? Well, it actually first started little over two decades ago when Ido entered the retail as the founder of the popular 90 sqm. store in Amsterdam and crossed paths with Karl-Oskar Olsen. This likeable Dane is the founder of cycling brand Pas Normal Studios (PNS), but is probably better known as co-founder of streetwear label Wood Wood. It’s in those early years that the two crossed paths, and obviously, 90 sqm. started to stock WW-designed items. The friendship that kicked off there, eventually led to Ido’s introduction to PNS. Fast-forward to our current and exciting Bisque Golf era.


As you know, we’ve embarked on a retail journey as avid golf aficionados, but our rebellious streak pushes us to think out of the box. It so happens that PNS also features a so-called Off-Race collection which, as its name already implies, is obviously rooted in cycling culture, but comprises more versatile items useful for busy daily life in the city and the outdoors. Beautifully designed, crafted from hi-tech fabrics and with a perfect fit, it’s here where we see an overlap with our curated golf-related offerings. That said, the Off-Race collection will be available from March 31 at the Bisque Golf store and in our online shop. What’s coming? Quite a lot, actually. We’ve snapped up almost the entire Off-Race collection of apparel and accessories, and we can’t wait to show you!

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