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May 14, 2024

Know Your Classics No. 1

Although all of us here at Bisque aim to make golf a different and more inclusive kind of ball game, we’d like to think that this new direction should be based on solid knowledge. Indeed, knowing your classics is pretty essential. So, we’re kicking off a series of blog posts with interesting facts and things worth knowing, obviously all related to golf. The first one is dedicated to St. Andrews Old Course a.k.a. the Grand Old Lady, the very cradle of golf as we know it.

Situated in an eponymous town in Fife County on Scotland’s east coast, it’s right here where golf was first played in 1552 by upper-crust locals. And yes, there’s a document, called Archbishop Hamilton’s Charter, that proves it. The stature of St. Andrews Old Course’s is rightfully iconic as it was crucial to the development of how the game is played today. Mind you, it’s widely acknowledged that origins of golf are even older, dating back to the 15th century. Fast forward to 2022, and the oldest golf turf is now commonly known as St. Andrews Links, a collective name which refers to seven of its stunning golf courses. The aforementioned Old Course, being the oldest of them all, is the most prestigious.

These days, St. Andrews Links is a public venue, and given the number of golf courses, it’s the biggest of its kind in all of Europe. Indeed, there’s a lot of prestige here, and it’s upheld with a string of top-notch facilities, notably the golf academy. The academy makes use of PGA-qualified instructors, nifty technology and an elaborate driving range, and helps you to beef up your game. No less than three clubhouses are available at St. Andrews Links, offering free parking, showers, lockers and more practical necessities. Jolly banter? Check. A place like this obviously has some great après golf facilities. There’s a bar and grill restaurant serving traditional Scottish cuisine, a gastropub serving classic bites, and also a café serving simple but tasty local fare. Indeed, your upcoming pilgrimage to the cradle of your fav ball game comes with many soothing extras.


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